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    Story of the slow, slippery, sensual seduction of Venecia, the swamp witch.

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An Erotic Allegory
Written & Illustrated by Leon Noctune.
High-quality 'Tasteful' Adult Erotica.
Literary & Artistic Erotica at its Best.
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Book Description:
Venecia was a sweet, innocent good girl, never been kissed, who said her prayers every night.  To the Great Spirit above.  And to the Moon Goddess.  But she was a witch too.  A good witch.  One who dreamed of casting love spells.  This is her story, – of how she was seduced by a mysterious stranger, and slowly turned into an erotic orgasmic goddess who does near everything.
It takes many moons and many long chapters to seduce such a hesitant goddess, but in the end, she is worth it.  Every step is a delight.

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This site is for the Multi volume novel, titled 'Venecia', — an illustrated epic fantasy. 

I, Leon Nocturne, have been writing and drawing this for well over a decade.  There are some 10,000+ pages of notes on my computer, and in older, handwritten paper versions.    Sorting the notes, organizing and editing them, cutting them down to a much more readable size, is a mammoth undertaking.   It is my life work.

It has progressed to the point that I can now publish online a semi-finished chapter or so, roughly every week.   And some of my art that illustrates it.

Any comments or suggestions that you leave will help me in the final editing.  When volume 1 has been finished, I'll publish it as a book,  and go straight on with volume 2.  

The story is both very sexual and romantic.   It will likely appeal equally to both sexes.   Although fictional, it also serves as a 'lover's manual', or exploratory 'how-to guide', to all the many techniques of sexual play.   Parts of it are very detailed and graphic and blush-inducing.

It is sometimes philosophical, sometimes humorous, sometimes with mysterious riddles to solve, and often metaphorical.

It is a lover's story, a romance between Venecia and Tomek.   She is a naïve, virginal witch of the isle, with an amazing background.  Waiting for sea men.   And so, Tomek arrives.  It takes a long, long time for him to seduce this tricky, virginal, 'good girl' witch.   But he is something of a connoisseur of women's ways, and figures she's worth his patience. 

5 volumes later, she is avidly relishing every type of sex act you've ever heard of, — and many more you surely haven't.   But it's been a long education to get her there.   So enjoy the trip.   She's worth the patience.   And worth the patience of a new chapter arriving every week or so. 

Share this with your lover.   And please, share a link to this with everyone you know, online or not.

If you dudes get too impatient with the early, slower, romantic 'courtship' parts, you're allowed to skip ahead.   But you'll likely misunderstand some things later on.   (Do let me know if any part bores you.)

If you want to see now some samples and excerpts from the later, very, very, sexual scenes, I'll post some of them on the site soon, and list these sexual samples here.

And I have a separate section of the site devoted to sexual positions.    This will contain artwork for each of the many postures of love.  As well as [a little info about them, and] links to scenes in the novel where Venecia and Tomek are trying out these positions!

Most of my artwork will be in the various chapters, illustrating them.   But there is also a gallery of some of my art samples.

Thanks, Leon Nocturne.